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Basic Terminology
Rei (Courtesy)
Shuseki Shihan Ni Rei - Bow to HeadMaster
Shihan Ni Rei - Bow to Master
Kyoshi Ni Rei - Bow to Senior Teacher
Sensei Ni Rei - Bow to Teacher
Senpai Ni Rei - Bow to Senior
Otagai Ni Rei - Bow to Each Other
Other Terms
Dojo - School
Shuseki Shihan - HeadMaster
Shihan - Master
Kyoshi - Senior Teacher
Sensei - Teacher
Senpai - Senior
Counting One to Ten
1. Ichi6. Roku
2. Ni7. Shichi
3. San8. Hachi
4. Shi9. Ku
5. Go10. Ju
Mokuso - Close eyes
Yame - Open eyes
Yoi - Get ready
Kamaete - Move to Stance
Naore - Go to starting position
Ibuki - Deep Breathing
Kiai - Shout
Kata- Formal exercise
Kumite - Free fighting
Seiken - Forefist
Uraken - Inverted fist
Shuto - Knife hand
Nukite - Spear hand
Shotei - Palm heel
Tettsui - Fist edge
Haito - Inner knife hand
Hiji - Elbow
Sokuto - Knife foot
Chusoku - Ball of the foot
Kakato - Heel of the foot
Haisoku - Instep of the foot